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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Charity Souvenirs Special Offer

BrandHK is a caring company. We give back to the community via a comprehensive charity discount scheme. If you are a charity registered in Hong Kong then you can benefit from incredible discounts on our catalogue of printed souvenirs and promotional gifts.

There are 3 steps to get your discount…

1. Get your supporters to Like us on Facebook

2. Get your supporters to Follow us on Twitter

3. Link to our website from your website.

All very easy. Visit our website to get full details of our charity souvenir discounts.
Hong Kong Charity Souvenirs

Monday, August 19, 2013

The ethical option: promotional pens that don’t cost the earth

Eco Bamboo Pen
Personalized pens printed with your logo are one of the best selling promotional gifts on the market. Year after year they are in the top three gifts purchased to promote companies. The reason is simple: printed promotional pens are a better return on investment than advertising. They drive brand engagement and loyalty in a way that print or online advertising cannot compete with.
Just think about it. Pens are both necessary and useful. And if you can give customers a pen that looks good and feels nice to write with then they will often cherish it. That is quite an achievement for a low-cost give-away. But time and again the research shows that people recall the brand written on the pen they were given 6 months ago. Much greater recall than any of the 100-or-so ads they have just skimmed past in a magazine.
It used to be the case that the choices of ethical pens available was limited. Often ugly products with little to recommend them. But over recent years the range of environmentally-friendly promotional pens has grown on the market and now includes a range of styles and options to suit any budget. One of our favourite additions is the Eco Bamboo pen, made from recycled plastic and sustainable bamboo barrel. There is no way that this pen would be considered a “second best” option.
If you are struggling to balance your company’s ethical purchasing policy with a promotional gift that works (within your budget) then check out our range of Eco Pens.

Monday, August 5, 2013

So what does the beach have to do with my brand?

At BrandHK we are always looking for promotional merchandise that your customers will love.

9 out of 10 people keep promotional gifts because they are useful, and 94% can recall the brand of the company that gave the gift. So if you want to keep your brand in front of customers for a long time, you need to give them something that will fit in with their lifestyles and associate your name with "good times".

The humble "towel in a tube" is a good example. Whether your customers are going to the gym or the beach, this miniature cotton towel is small and portable and comes in its own plastic tube so the other stuff in your bag does not get wet. This practical and useful design means that your customers will keep the product and use it when they are having fun at the beach, allowing your brand to be associated with "good times" in their lives.

And over 40% of your customers will keep it for over a year, typically. That means your brand stays in front of them day after day. What kind of advertising would you have to do to achieve that kind of exposure?